We’ve designed and built water blasting equipment for many years. We know our machines and the technology intimately. In our hands, you’ll be amazed at the transformation our water blasters and pumps can achieve: dull, grimy surfaces converted to gleaming veneers that sparkle and dazzle like new, as if by magic.

Commercial office premises, shops, industrial or warehouse spaces; suburban homes, city apartments, or a beachside bach – our professionals will perform minor miracles on your property at extremely competitive prices.

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Latest Technology

The best and most up to date equipment available, guaranteed to achieve perfect results fast.

20+ Years Experience

Over two decades operating high pressure blasters, as well as their manufacture. Any cleaning challenges are sorted and solved immediately.

Eco-friendly Products

All our cleaning products are 100% safe to plants and animals and completely bio degradable.

water blasting deck

Hire operators with experience

You wouldn’t let a novice loose with a canon, would you? Our experienced professionals know how to let loose the power of pressurised water on your delicate decking and disparate elements of your precious property. Leave it to the experts, for your peace of mind.

water blasting deck

Protect your biggest investment

In New Zealand’s sometimes crazy climate, your biggest investment is under serious attack, month in month out, sunshine and rain. It needs protection, and a little tender loving care. Removing dirt, grease, grime and mould is an essential first line of defence from the elements. We employ an arsenal of weapons guaranteed to turn the tide and the appearance of your property.

What They're Saying

"We asked Blaster Hire to clean our entire property – driveway, house, roof, gutters, down-pipes, eaves, cladding, windows, door-frames, and some old wooden fences and retaining walls. We already knew the driveway would look like new, and it did, but the roof of our house, that was covered in moss and lichen, also turned out squeaky clean and the entire house looked like freshly painted. Overall, we could not have been happier with Ruvaun Daniels' super professional work, as well as his can-do attitude aiming for total customer satisfaction. We are sure to use his services again! "

- Frank Mueller

"I would recommend Blast Hire in a Heartbeat. We asked Blast Hire to treat our hall and extensive canopies with moss, mould and lichen treatment.Their professional staff took us through a painless scoping process. They were knowledgable, and professional and offered us solutions that we had not considered. They have excellent up to date equipment, robust health and safety processes, a commitment to quality outcomes and an effective communication process. Our very fussy property manager was most impressed. He told me "yup, we will have them back again"."

- Paul Petersen – Principal Bombay School

"I had my house washed by Blasterhire before Christmas last year, and the customer service was exceptional. Ruvaun the owner came out to have a look, he was very professional, I received my quotation the same day. Excellent job done, I will definitely recommend and use Blasterhire in the future."

- Lucian Selfe

"I used Blasterhire for an urgent job before my daughters birthday in January. Blasterhire could not only do the job the next day, they did an excellent cleanup and they cleaned the jumping castle at no extra charge as well without me asking. I would definitely recommend Blasterhire, and I must again apologise for such short notice."

- Adele Siljeur

No job too big or small we do it all

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